Direct Mail

With the maturing of electronic communications, there was a widely believed expectation that traditonal ways would die out. It's trivial to pass out company information electronically, but it's equally as trivial to delete that email resulting in much lower respone rates to digital marketing communications versus the written word. Both methods have their place but what could be more engaging than a personalised letter dropping through your letterbox, containing perhaps just a simple letter or additionally a full colour brochure and other targeted and relevant information? There's little comparison between the temporary nature of online communication and tangible personalised printed material promoting your business.

Direct mail has evolved in recent years to more carefully target potential prospects. In the past runs of several hundred thousand were commonplace, and though they are still around, they are very much in the minority. Highly targeted smaller mailings are far more commonplace now, and at Arhann we have ourselves evolved to cater for this. We don't run 200,000 run mailings, but we wouldn't want to. Better returns are available by more closely examining your prospects and your offer and we've invested to ensure that we can provide a complete and efficient solution for smaller mailings (typically under 20,000 pieces).

As a family run company our aim has always been to provide a personal and professional approach to all the printing and direct mail needs of our clients irrespective of company size. We know and understand budgetary and schedulng pressures and we aim to take some of the stress away from you, and we plan to keep up to date facilities to achieve your aims in a cost effective manner now and in the future.