Litho Overprint

A good value and straightforward process offering a quick turn around and excellent quality, overprinting is a simple process to print on to the outside of a pre-made envelope. Normally this would be a stock envelope, but it can be used in conjunction with bespoke envelope manufacture to provide a cheaper alternative to making envelopes from preprinted sheets.
Since this is conventional litho printing (albeit on specialised envelope printing presses) there are few limtations.  Single to four colour process (plus spot colours if required) are all straightfoward at very high speed. Depending on the specification, speeds in excess of 40,000 pieces per hour are achievable; so fast, in fact, that at a pinch printed stock envelopes can be with you in just a few hours.
  • One to five colours
  • Fast turnaround
  • Economical
Simple artwork can be created for free within an hour or two, and more complicated full colour designs can be created in-house for a modest charge keeping everything under one roof to streamline supply, and keep things ticking along nicely.

Digital Overprint

Digital overprinting combines all the above advantages (uses cheap stock envelopes, quick turnaround) with the added advantage that a reduced setup cost reduces the quantity to make a job financially viable. Full colour printing is possible with inkjet overprinting and additonally, variable text can be added (so the envelope can be addressed), in the the same pass.