Envelope inserting

Paper envelopes are the tried, tested and most frequently-used method of getting your message out in front of your prospect. Using modern machinery our envelope inserting facility is capable of enclosing multiple items at several thousand items an hour. These machines give us the speed and flexibility which enables us to ensure that clients' delivery deadlines are achieved. We can mechanically insert into envelopes between DL and C4, and include unusual items such as key rings, pens and coaters.

  • High speed
  • Economical
  • Variable inserting

There are a wide variety of stock machine insertable envelopes available off the shelf meaning that most objectives can be achieved, but if the specification is outside the capabilities of our machines, or machinable envelopes aren't available , then our experienced team of envelopes stuffers will complete the mailing by hand. Match mailing, window or non envelopes, personalised letters, inkjetted addresses are all possible by both methods. .