From Sheets

Slightly more involved than overprinting but still straightforward, this process involves preprinting a sheet, die cutting the envelope shape and then folding on a machine to make the envelope. It's useful for full colour designs that include a full bleed off all four edges (full colour overprint typically needs a grip edge), or for unusual styles such as multiple windows and non standard sizes. Generally, multiple envelope images are printed side by side on the sheet giving opportunities to test different designs at a very low additional cost.

Since the printing process is conventional litho, there are a number of finishing processes that can be applied to the uncut sheets prior to die cutting and folding such as foil blocking or spot UV. We can use coated or uncoated paper, or even coloured paper if you wish and they can be produced in all the usual varieties: machinable gummed wallet, self seal, peel and all manner of specialist envelope styles, such as thumb cut wallet or gusseted envelope.

  • One to six colours
  • Multiple choice of materials
  • Many finishing options
  • Variety of styles available