If you have a really distinctive, unusual or eye-catching envelope design in mind, we might have to make it by hand. Typically this is done when machine retooling would be prohibitively time-consuming and expensive, or just impossible by machine (any angles other than right angles springs to mind here). We frequently handmake when the design involves an unusual shape, material or just a very short lead time.
It isn't necessarily expensive either. Although the envelopes are hand made, we do take advantage of automated processes as much as we can, so that as little as possible is completed by hand keeping costs down. For most envelope sizes, we would expect pricing to be similar to bespoke automated manufacture runs of less than 5,000 pieces.  For less than 1,000 or just a hundred or two there's really no alternative in any case, but given the process there isn't really a minimum charge.
When you discuss your project with us we'll be able to give you an idea of whether or not handmaking will be necessary and an estimate of costs and suggest compromises that may make a job more suitable for a cheaper production process. But if it comes to it, our in-house team can produce your hand made envelope requirements quickly and efficiently.